Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Upcycling Old Clothes for Barbies and Accessories!

Posted by leslierahye strickland at 6:00 AM
Good Morning Everyone! I am hopping with my Mom's 3rd Annual Earth Day Blog Hop! We keep a stash of out-grown clothes at our house to use in crafting and sewing. Both of my projects today come from that stash.
For my first project I used one of my favorite old shirts to create a Survivor Dress for my Barbie. 

 For my second project I used an old pair of Hello Kitty tights to create arm warmers to wear with my dress!


Regena said...

great job! love me some hello kitty

Christi Conley said...

Such fashionable makes! I want a lifesize "survivor" dress, please :) And your model is adorable! :)

Jess B. said...

Wow! now if I only be this creative on the sewing machine. TFS

paula said...

Love these! I liked that shirt when you wore it and I see that it looks good on Barbie also! And I LOVE the arm warmers! Great job!

Morninglass said...

You are a fabric genius! Love both projects!

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