Saturday, January 26, 2013

leslierahye's National Hobby Crafts Blog Hop | My very 1st Video Blog

Posted by leslierahye strickland at 12:00 AM
Hand Felted Beads--Beaded Necklace

Beaded necklace and bracelet
close up of dangle on necklace
My first art journal page

Art journal page #2

Drawing with Watercolor Pencils and Tangles

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Regena said...

great job. your stuff is so good I wouldn't have guess you are just a kid. keep up the good work!
I see a long and wonderful creative life ahead.

leslierahye strickland said...

Great post Sam! You picture of the cat is still one of my favorites! I love that you not only love to create but that you also love to share and talk about your art! Super job Fancy! Thank you for being a part of my National Hobby Month Blog Hop


Morninglass said...

Thanks for showing your hobbies Sam. I love your beaded necklaces and bracelet. Great job on your felted beads. I also love your cat picture, it is wonderful!

Fabrizio Martellucci said...

Great creations Sam, keep creating your magic ! X fab

Amanda Marks said...

Great job Sam! Keep showing us all your creations :D

Manda :)

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